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Introduction /About Us

We don’t sell off-the-shelf parts. We are specialists in moulding components to customers’ precise specifications, in a range of elastomer materials.

One of our major resources is the experience and expertise of our engineering and production staff. This enables us to produce the highest quality parts, ranging from simple diaphragms through to complex three-dimensional mouldings. We work with a wide range of elastomers, including liquid silicon rubber (LSR) and thermoplastic elastomers.

More About Us

We specialise in custom elastomer engineering and provide a comprehensive service for the design and manufacture of elastomer components. We are more than just a manufacturer of technical rubber mouldings. We produce the highest standards of quality and precision in moulded products, often working to tight dimensional tolerances not generally associated with the manufacture of mechanical rubbers.

You will be able to work closely with our team, from design through to prototype and then on to full production, knowing that at Kea-Flex we will provide complete solutions to your exacting requirements.

Tooling is manufactured in house wherever possible and our fully integrated 2D and 3D modelling software is directly linked to our machining centres for precise reproduction. This enables rapid development of prototypes which leads to shorter times to market.

Our in-house capability can be applied from single cavity through to complex multi-cavity moulds and special purpose tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Our team of experienced and skilled engineers have extensive knowledge of elastomer moulding and machining techniques, including multi-material bonding, to provide you with robust process engineering solutions.

Kea-Flex is not limited to working in specific industries. We cover a wide range of sectors, including (but not limited to) marine, pharmaceutical, food and drink, automotive, water, scientific, packaging, aerospace defence and general industry.

Our technical specialists are here to help. Please give us a call with any queries regarding the moulding of elastomer components or guidance with design, or use the Contact form to ensure a speedy response!

History of the business

“A history of innovation with almost 50 years of experience in manufacturing precision rubber mouldings for all types of industries is our strength”

Kea-Flex Founded


ISO 9001 achieved


Acquired EDM Tool Manufacturer


LSR and TPE Capacity increased


Syteline ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation


Became part of the JW Elastomer MBU


Became part of JW SBU


ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 achieved


Our Industries