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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Silicone Face Mask

The liquid silicone injection moulding of this complex part illustrates our expertise in 3D moulding, with the tool design carried out in house using our CAD/CAM software. Use of a tear trim mould design increases production rates since the flash can be easily peeled off.
The masks are moulded in yellow or grey silicone LSR, although they can be produced in any colour.

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Spray Trigger

Based in Ireland, this company specialises in the manufacture of farm machinery and equipment such as milking machines.
Kea-Flex makes this spray trigger for the company using compression moulding. A seven cavity tool which was manufactured in house is used to bond the metal insert to the moulded EPDM. Although a fairly simple part to make, it needs the metal filed and finished to a high level to ensure the rubber bonds well to the metalwork. The metalwork is painted and hand trimmed for a quality finish.

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Dome Seal

Kea-Flex manufactures dome seals for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Made from Elast-O-Pure®, an ethylene-propylene (EPDM) synthetic rubber compounded in-house by James Walker, the seals are available in a wide range of sizes.
The simple design and high reliability of dome valves have led to their adoption in a wide range of industries for controlling the flow of bulk materials such as powders, pastes and granules. The valves are compressed air operated, and use an inflatable sealing mechanism which provides a pressure tight seal against the dome when in the closed position.

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Joystick Gaiter

A global leader in the design and manufacture of specialist position sensors, solenoids and control hardware, this customer manufactures position sensors, solenoid actuators and joystick controllers for a wide range of industrial motion control applications in key market sectors.
The company’s product range includes linear and rotary position sensors, LVDT and RVDT transducers, joystick controllers, studio faders, digital panel meters, solenoids, cockpit voice and flight data recorders, air data test sets, pitot-static leak testers and ice and snow detection systems.

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Split Pipe Seal

Kea-Flex makes this split pipe seal which is supplied to James Walker UK Ltd. It manufactures the single cavity tool in house and the part is produced on a compression press in black Neoprene 40 Shore A.
After the seal is made a single slit has to be cut along the full length of the body to allow it to be fitted over an existing pipe to seal off leaks. The part has quite along cure time of 30
minutes and has to be hand trimmed to remove any flash.
Kea-Flex has made this part for a number of years, and produces a large number of parts for the James Walker group. Parts are produced to a high level for James Walker as well as for external customers directly.

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Conveyor Wheel

Kea-Flex makes these conveyor wheels which are used within cash machines. They are injection moulded in a natural rubber, using a six cavity tool manufactured in house. The wheel is produced in two different elastomers, one being conductive and the other non conductive.
The tooling is quite technical as there are details required to be embossed on the parts such as hole numbering. The wheels are hand trimmed in their inner and outer diameters to produce a high level of finish.
Kea-Flex has made this part and others for the customer for a number of years. Service and quality of parts are key and have allowed Kea-Flex to grow the number of parts they manufacture for them.

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