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Silicone Facemasks

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Silicone Facemask

This customer is a premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and other personal protective equipment and safety devices for fire and rescue services, industrial workers,
police, military and civil defence organisations around the world. It produces products that protect thousands of individuals each day from environmental hazards including smoke, toxic fumes, combustible gases, falling objects, and contaminants.

Kea-Flex produces this face mask for the company. The liquid silicone injection moulding of this complex part illustrates our expertise in 3D moulding, with the tool design carried out in-house using our CAD/CAM software. Use of a tear trim mould design increases production rates since the flash can be easily peeled off.

The masks are moulded in yellow or grey silicone LSR, although they can be produced in any colour.

We have increased the range of parts we manufacture for this customer thanks to our capabilities within the tool department and the factory. We have skilled staff throughout the
company to ensure parts get out on time and that they are produced to the customer’s exacting requirements.

This is especially important here due to the level of safety required for these parts. If they are not made exactly according to the design it could result in fumes entering with possibly fatal consequences. We pride ourselves on quality, which has helped us retain customers over the company’s 39
years of operation.

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